Omen Frankfurt Flyers 1988 - 1998

Jun 25, 2013

Having just released our Omen T-Shirt and Omen Tote Bag - both black tie-dye and very limited - we thought we'd present a selection of flyers we found online. For those that don't know, Omen was a legendary techno night held in Frankfurt from 1988 - 1989. To check out more about the night as well as listen to some sets check out our Omen T-Shirt / Tote Bag release.

Omen Inka House Flyer

Omen Flyer - Hell, Rok, Naughty, Sven, Jeff Mills, Yannick, Heiko Laux and Ricardo Villalobos

Omen Flyer 1993

Omen Frankfurt Flyer

Omen Louder Flyer

Omen Flyer August 1996

Omen Wild Flyer

Omen Flyer December 199?

Omen White Night Flyer

Omen Closing Party Flyer October 1998

Omen Flyer 199?

Omen Flyer September 1993

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