Nov 05, 2012

Some things can never be guaranteed like how "rare" your steak will actually be. Unless you're firmly on the green side you know how it is. The sense of anticipation - it's like opening a Kinder Egg or a pack of football stickers. Hit and miss in equal measure. So if you find yourself in Buffalo Grillhouse in Davos, Switzerland I can tell  you now you don't have to worry because you're gonna get it... RARE!


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1 on March 28, 2014


Edwina Baird on January 05, 2013

erm, it isn’t blood that is coming from the meat at all. It’s myoglobin (a protein found in the muscle) medium rare for me, if it makes you feel better and less “carnivorous” by having your steak crispy and well done, perhaps you should just become a vegetarian and stop kidding to yourself it is somehow more moral.

woodymorley on January 31, 2013

Thanks for the clarification, that taught me! If it makes you feel any better I enjoyed that steak very much. Nothing wrong if you choose to have your steak “crispy and well done” either though… Not sure where “morals” come into this post??

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