Autumn 2012 "CHAMP" Tees Preview - Olympic Underdogs Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, Edwin Ekiring and Eric "The Eel" Tees

Aug 16, 2012

Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards Tee

Edwin Ekiring CHAMP Tee

Eric "The Eel" Moussambani T-Shirt


For Autumn Winter 2012 we present our "CHAMP" range. We got totally immersed in, and obsessed by, all things Olympic. Who needs football? Celebrate the champs, and especially the underdogs. Here we present three new tees designed to do just that.

Available exclusively in our webstore at the end of August.


Below is a little about each of the three.

Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards competed in the Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988. Heralding from Cheltenham The Eagle was actually a good downhill skier and just missed out on the Great Britain downhill Olympic team in 1984. At the time of competing in Calgary he was the Great Britain ski jump record holder, the stunt jumping world record holder and world number nine in amateur speed skiing. However like most underdogs Eddie was self funded, even having to borrow equipment to train in, and despite an heroic effort finished last in both the Normal and Large ski jump events. Stats below.

Normal Ski Jump

1st. Matti Nykänen, distance 89.5m (points 229.1)

58th. Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, distance 55m  (points 69.2)

Large Ski Jump

1st. Matti Nykänen, distance 118.5m (points 224)

55th. Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, distance 71m  (points 57.5)


28 year old Ugandan Edwin Ekiring, nicknamed "The Black Pearl", lost both his initial matches at London 2012 but was a huge hit with the crowd. No slouch though, at world number 93, Ekiring has had to overcome an awful lot to represent Uganda at the Olympics.

In 2009, while cycling home from training, Ekiring was involved in a car accident that left him with a fractured arm, ribs, ankle and right knee with doctors writing off his chances of ever playing sport again. Memories of a car crash 15 years earlier surfaced too, in which Ekiring lost hist mother and which left him in a coma for three months. Depressed at the prospect of never being able to compete again Ekiring dug deep though and defied the odds to be back on court only eight months later. What a champ!


Eric "The Eel" Moussambani Malonga of Equatorial Guinea, shot to fame in Sydney 2000 where aged 22 he competed in the 100m freestyle. In April 2000, having answered the call on local radio for swimmers to come forward for trials, Eric was selected by default as he was the only person who turned up. Without a coach Moussambani began his training in rivers and the sea but was limited to just two hours each weekend. His first swim in a pool didn't come till May 6th that year yet just four months later he was in Sydney ready to compete.

After a false start in Moussambani's heat his only two competitors were disqualified having jumped the starting gun. This left Eric unprepared on an Australian starting block and facing the first 50m pool he had ever seen in his life, surrounded by TV crews and 17,000 spectators. You probably know what happened next. Eric started brightly but struggled in the final 25m, so much so that it seemed like he wouldn't make it, but he finally finished in 1min 52.72sec (47.84sec was the eventual Gold medal winning time).

Eric, now an IT engineer, has since been appointed the head coach of the Equatorial Guinea swimming team, a post he has held for six months.  An Olympic-length swimming pool has now been built and Eric has even trimmed down his 100m time to just 57sec. Good luck for Rio!

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