TIE-DYE! Dertbag x Indcsn Cap, PAM Tie-Dye Tote, Collect Tie-Dye Shorts, HUF Tie-Dye Tee, HUF Die Hippie Scum T, Collect Tie-Dye Tote, Porter Jerry Tie-Dye Bag, Gregory Tie-Dye Tote, Collect Red Tie-Dye T, Smith & Butler Americana Tee, Jungmaven Tie-Dye S

Aug 01, 2012

Dertbag x Indcsn KILL Tie Dye 5 panel Cap

Collect Mens Blue Marble Tie-Dye Shorts

PAM Medusa Tie-Dye Tote Black

HUF Tie-Dye Script Tee Slate

HUF Die Hippie Scum T-Shirt Green

Collect Thrill Red Tie-Dye Tote Bag

Porter Jerry Tie-Dye Bag

Gregory Tie-Dye Tote

Collect Follow Me Mens Red Tie-Dye Relaxed Fit T-Shirt

Smith & Butler Logo Tie-Dye Americana Tee

Jungmaven Blue Tie-Dye Stripe T-Shirt

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Simay on December 08, 2015

Ari I am so grateful to you for ponistg your video of you friend Jenny and why and how she wears her hair gray. I love the term “platinum elegance.” Your blog is such a breath of fresh air for me. At a time when I’m about to turn 48, I’m having a bit of trepidation about the aspect of getting older. I truly want to be a lovely old crone, living artfully, with grace and dignity. I want to someday be a hip, cool grandma. This blog, I have a feeling with give me a little hope and will help me deal with accepting the inevitable by showing me that it is possible to be classy, beautiful and lovely in addition to being wiser from finally coming into my own as a woman after years of struggling with shaky self esteem in my younger years. A big hug and a thank you for this. Also, I love NYC, it’s my favorite place to visit. That makes it doubly great.Emily

1 on March 28, 2014


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