Purple Fashion Magazine SS 2011, Sneeze Magazine No 12, Natasja Fourie, Tipton & Co, Playboy Archive

Jul 18, 2011

Purple Fashion Magazine SS 2011

Sneeze Magazine No 12

Natasja Fourie photo

Tipton & Co Wallets

Playboy Archive

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Raymundo on December 08, 2015

BEST tip ever for getting out ANY tmatoo-based ‘oops:’original Dawn (dishwashing detergent.)Seriously…just dab it on the ‘oops’ and don’t worry about it ‘til you wash. It can dry on there (unlike most pre-treats,) doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t seem to affect the color of your clothes. Although I usually only freak out about spag/pizza/etc oops on light colors.It has to be ‘original’ Dawn, though. The blue stuff.It even works (usually) with old stains. Sometimes you have to scrub it into them a bit, though. Or wash twice.‘Resolve’ pre-treat (the yellow bottle) works well for everything else. But don’t let it sit more than 5 minutes on anything colored…I’ve had it remove the color (somewhat) of the garment.Anyway, try the Dawn thing next time you accidently get a daub on your clothes. It’s pretty amazing.P.S. LOVE your blog!!!Treena

1 on March 28, 2014


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