No Skateboarding book, Six by Kevin Morosky, JR's "INSIDE OUT A-1 Records", Oakley for Oki-Ni, Uniform Wares 150 Series

Jun 10, 2011

No Skateboarding book by Mathias Fennetaux

Six by Kevin Morosky starts 9th June Orange Dot Gallery, London

French artist JR's INSIDE OUT A-1 Records NYC piece

Oakley for Oki-Ni

Uniform Wares 150 Series

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Yorick the Dude on June 10, 2011

Hey I happened to be in Paris and went into Colette – as you do to know what the latest cool thing is – well they have an exhbition of some of the work of Mathias Fennetaux and his book No Skateboarding for sale.
The book is AWESOME – I bought a couple of copies for me and a couple of friends back here. It’s beautifully finished – has kick arse photos and a lot of passion in it.
I highly recommend it – before it becomes available in the UK, I think Colette does mail order through their website for those of you who are not popping over to Paris in the next few weeks !

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