123 Klan, Eniko Mihalik, D*Face, Ken Done does Something Else, Anouk Kruithof, Stussy x A Treatise on White Magic

May 11, 2011

123 Klan skate deck at Against The Grain 1 AM Gallery San Fransisco

Eniko Mihalik Numero Magazine

D*Face mural Corey Helford Gallery Los Angeles

Ken Done does Something Else

Anouk Kruithof photo

Stussy x A Treatise on White Magic Black Amber Lip Balm

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Isa on December 03, 2015

Yes, this is WordPress. We chose it because it’s adaabptle to individual design, which was what I wanted too. I worked with friend who set it up; I just drew out what I wanted, gave him the art work, and he did the rest . . . you have to have code in order to make it work, so you need someone who knows and understands it. After it’s set up, you can do it yourself. Hope this helps! Good luck Jamie!

1 on March 28, 2014


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