Il cuore e una pompa by Gianfranco Pampaloni

Feb 14, 2011

Il cuore e una pompa by Gianfranco Pampaloni.

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Besi on December 08, 2015

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with winreag the same things over and over again.I for sure am very very guilty of that.When you look this great though, it’s hard not to wear the same thing every day.Only you Ivania, can rock a sweater turned inside out with gym shorts, an Alexander wang bag, and gorgeous heels.Well I suppose anyone could do that but only you make it look natural.Only you make it look like something that belongs on a runway.I am seriously in awe of your ability to make something out of almost nothing.That and your thrifting ability is seriously crazy. Those Adidas shorts? They’re so cool that I would be scared to try to exercise in them! :)Have an awesome day Ivania <3~Alice

Khaliah on December 03, 2015

Thank you for making gays and leiasbns feel special. This signifies that people are really welcoming the new culture with open arms. This new culture has opened so many opportunities, and you have done a good start. well your jewelery collection really cool, especially the rings.

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