Win a Limited Edition watch / t-shirt design from our collaboration with Casio G-SHOCK!

May 24, 2010 We've teamed up with Casio G-Shock to create 2 Limited Edition watch and t-shirt designs! Each design has been limited to only 10 pieces with each one individually numbered and signed. To complete the package there's also a signed print of the design and it's all wrapped up in a nifty presentation box. TO FIND OUT HOW TO ENTER VISIT OUR BLOG!

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Fatma on December 03, 2015

next time leave a list on his bag and her bag that states what to hubnsad is an over packer also we go for a weekend stay anywhere and he has to take a suitcase I kid you not and its full and heavy we cant even share a bag for an overnight stay hes also the one I am always waiting on to get ready to go anywhere we need to go to the store I’m dressed and ready to go in under 5 and then waiting for him for at least another 20 and if he needs to shower 1st ? then you can figure that will be an hour wait I told him its supposed to be the other way around ..its written in the book of womens law that the man shall always be waiting for the woman to get ready and he needs to read that book lol

1 on March 28, 2014


Deion H. on July 03, 2010

awesome watch yo ! I’ll definately have to blog about this .

woodymorley on July 05, 2010

Sammy (and everyone else) we’ve got a winner i’m afraid but we’re just waiting to hear from them. If we don’t though we’ll just have to pick someone else…. so there still might be a chance!

Jennifer Kelly on June 29, 2010

Love them!! Quirky & awesome x

Cael sendell-price on June 29, 2010


Sammy on July 02, 2010

who won?

gaynor davies on June 29, 2010

these are wicked hope i win one

karine jade on June 29, 2010

great watches, really funky and modern.

michelle williams-green on June 29, 2010

put me in it to win it please!

Matt Brasier on June 29, 2010

Fingers crossed I Win!!

Chris Mckenzie on June 29, 2010

Excellent choice of colours

Michelle Williams on June 29, 2010

love to win please

gareth on June 29, 2010

Great watch! would really soften the blow of england getting stuffed by germany to win it.

Trudi Walsh on June 29, 2010

Wow, I love it, my kinda watch…Bright and Funky

Kimberley Howes on June 29, 2010

Wow i love it , FABULOUS

Kevin M on June 29, 2010

What a (g)shock to see these up for grabs! Really nice:)

phil white on June 29, 2010

got my name all over it

d mullooly on June 29, 2010

Dynamic colours – yes please before the Summer’s out

kim houghton on June 29, 2010

nice prize, hope i win

Andrew on June 29, 2010

really hope this is my luck day

gemma edmondson on June 29, 2010

these look fantastic!!! i never usually wear watches as i cant seem to ever find any funky ones i feel if i won this i would never take it off its awesome!!!!!!!! fingers crossed x x and toes too!!!

ooooO Ooooo
( ) ( )
\ ( ) /
l l l l l l l

Sarah on June 28, 2010

wow a fab watch..good luck to all x

Sue Lempkowski on June 28, 2010

really funky and cool

Andrew on June 29, 2010

I never win anything but prayin this is my lucky day

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